A week or so ago CrappyPictures posted an entry on babies and books.  Honestly, I can’t say that it’s very accur…



Stage 1: Complete.

Jeez, Vash, way to propagate the stereotype.

This is actually the very reason I’ve had to keep a careful eye on all my gaming and woodworking notes. If he’s sitting on my lap and I’m not watching him too closely, he’ll grab any stray piece of paper, crumple it up, and start trying to eat it.  I lost a whole page of mineral density notes for Ur Quan Masters to Vash’s ravenous literary cravings.  Luckily he spit it all out… but wads of saliva soaked game notes aren’t terribly helpful when trying to remember which planets had lots of minerals.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?