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With winter winding down I think it’s time to pay homage to that great winter game: The snowball fight.

snowball fight

An impromptu snowball fight is the rawest form of fun. No rules, no teams, no winners or losers, it’s just pelting each other with globs of snow until you’re all soaked and tired, ready to head inside and bask in the glow of post-awesome exhaustion. It is unadulterated fun without structure or purpose. Sure, you can get fancy with it; make teams, add snow bunkers, maybe make a flag to capture, but, at the end of the day, the act of pelting each other with snow is all you really need to have a good time.

Now that it’s March, the next snowball fight is probably 9 months away, now.

*Looks out the window at the driving snow*

Well, maybe.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

A short one today people (*SNERK*), and just a tad vulgar: the penis game.

For those unfamiliar (those who never spent any time as an adolescent boy), the penis game is pretty simple. When you have a group of people in a fairly public place, you take turns saying (or shouting) “Penis!” The loudest exclimation of male genetalia wins, if such a thing can be considered winning.

My best friend and I used to play it while fishing when nothing was biting. You can get some nice echo going off all of those water-front properties.

-Confusion is a state of mind… PENIS!

Monday’s Game #24: Catch

This week’s game is the time tested favorite of playing catch!

Not really a game with structured rules, catch is more basic; and often impromptu. When you get enough people together outside, and introduce an easily throwable object (such as a ball or Frisbee), a game of catch is almost certain to start; especially in the presence of high levels of testosterone. If you would like to test this hypothesis: next time you’re invited to a family picnic, bring a ball with you.

Despite attempts to formalize the game with rules, such as in “500”, the basic game remains of throwing and catching. There is no penalty for droping the object, aside from everyone being bummed for a few seconds and going “ohhh!” when he drop occurs. You also have to go get the object if you drop or miss it; often requiring the vaulting of fences or getting a ladder to snag it off a roof. In fact, you get a wild enough game of catch going and you’ll find yourself spending more time on object retrieval than actually throwing and catching.

Wanting to throw and catch things must be ingrained in the human psyche to some extent. I remember, vividly, being on a symphony orchestra tour and stopping the night at a hotel. One of us had a Frisbee. We spent several hours playing catch with it on the lawn.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

This week’s game is a variation on that old yard favorite Trac Ball.

Trac Ball by itself is some great fun. You have a pair of racquets and a ball. By “swooping” with the racquet you can put a spin on the ball and it will curve through the air. Sounds less than awesome when you describe it, but it’s a lot of fun to just fling the ball between two people, trying to get all kinds of fun curves. My absolute favorite is doing a downward swoop that causes the ball do to a low fly at the ground followed by a rise. The trick there is trying to get it to skim the very tips of the grass before raising back up.

Anyway, Trac Ball Box was a game invented by my father to keep the kid’s busy in the long summer. Basically you have two people (or two teams) standing at opposite ends of the yard (about 25-40 feet or so). Each person or team has a box, and the goal is to put the ball into the opposing side’s box. You get 1 point if you hit the box on the fly (no bounce) and 2 points if you get it in the box on the fly (again, no bounce). Later rules added that you get 2 points for a bounce-in and 3 for a box-in-flight. The first person/team to reach 10 points (or whatever is decided on as the goal) wins. Simple as that. For such a simple game, we played it a LOT as kids.

And, I just found that Trac Ball is now owned by Wham-O, and now makes a glow-in-the-dark set. I know what I’m getting me Tron for Christmas.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?