It seems that whenever I’m far, far away from a computer I can’t help but think up good topics for the Blog here. I just think up heaps of topical, interesting material that I just have to write about. Problem is, I can’t remember them. By the time I actually sit down to write something, I draw a blank. I sit here staring at the “add new post” window thinking to myself, “You are the most boring person in the world, and you have nothing of interest to say. Just post a picture of a cute animal and be done with it; by this time next week you could be the next Zooborns site.” My inner monologue is a jerk.

Ok, well he may be a jerk, but he also has a point.

So anyway, everyone please vote for my site on any top 100 listings for baby animal websites. I’m sure there are lists out there for baby animal websites. In the meantime I’ll be working on restructuring my Blog to accommodate the change from video games to adorable, baby animals.*

*This may not be true.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?