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As Summer winds down and the tang of Fall begins to threaten us with the harsh bite of Winter, the yarn crafters begin to think of Scarves.  So, this week, I’ve got a Binary Scarf pattern for you knitter, by Christine Dumoulin.


This neat geeky scarf is perfect for any tech geek in your life. It’s a bonus that the designer even made the scarf so that each row is one byte of data. Pretty snazzy.

If you make one of these, make sure at least one of the rows is 00101010. You may also want to consider a 7 row word of: 01000010, 01100001, 01100100, 01110111, 01101111, 01101100, 01100110.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

This week I’m brining you a Crochet House Elf Pattern by Quirkeecrochet.


While I’m not personally a fan of Harry Potter, it’s got enough of a following to be considered Geek.  So, Harry Potter Fans, this one’s for you.  The pattern is affordable priced at $5 and is a great gift for that HP fan in your life.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

This week I’ve got a Knit Raygun pattern by NeedleNoodles.


This is a neat little knit project for the ray-gun enthusiest (and with a different color scheme and a few accessories, could easily be converted into a steam-punk pattern).  And, at $4, it’s a reasonably priced.  There’s also a crochet pattern in existence, but the pattern was removed from NN’s shop for whatever reason.  Unfortunate, because It think the crochet version looks a lot cooler.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

This week I’ve got an awesome, step-by-step tutorial on how to make Piranha Plant Cake Pops by cakecrumbs.


These are really awesome. Sadly, given the lack of decent artistic ability in our house, I’d imagine that any attempt to do these would end up another entry on one of those “nailed it” lists.

That said, cake balls are pretty damn easy, and while less cool looking, are still tasty as hell.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

With the recent, yearly explosion of interest in sharks (for whatever reason) I figured now would be a good time to whip out this free knit pattern for a Shark Hat by Allison MacAlister.


I mean really all there is to say is: SHARK HAT!  OM NOM NOM NOM!

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I remember with some fondness playing with Play Doh as a kid.  It wasn’t until middle school that I realized that you could actually make the stuff yourself.  Recently, as we look for more constructive activities for Tron, TacoMa’am decided to make a few batches of the homemade stuff for him.  It turned out great and he’s a big fan of it (indeed, it’s one of the few things I’ve ever seen keep his attention for over an hour).  So today, I bring you several recipes for your very own PlayDough.


One thing I learned from TacoMa’am in her project to produce playdough, is that the cooked playdough is superior to the no-cook stuff I remember from middle school.  Indeed, the recipe she uses is very close to the real thing (a little softer).  It also lasts longer and doesn’t dry out as quickly as the non-cook stuff.

The cool things about making it yourself are in the cost savings and variety of color.  For the same money you’ll spend on about a pound of Play Doh, you’ll be able to make several pounds of your own stuff.  Along with that, you can color your own stuff with a wide variety of colorants available, which include the standard iodine drips and color gels* as well as things like Kool Aid packets.  And, since it’s cheap, it doesn’t matter so much if some of it is ruined.  With normal Play Doh, I always felt bad about combining the colors because they don’t uncombine.  So, once you combine some, you either throw it out, or put it in your “combination” container of Play Doh that eventually turns a swirly brown color.   The homemade stuff is so inexpensive that losing a bunch of it to mushed combination isn’t a big deal, so using all the colors in combination is a guilt-free exercise.

As a bonus, all the Play Doh forms, presses, and other accessories still work with the stuff you make in your own lab.  For the yard sale champion, this is a great cost saving measure because you’ll see the accessories sold on the cheap without the Doh fairly often.  And if you’re really handy, you can make some accessories of your own (which I’ll cover some other days once I make the ones I’m thinking about a reality).

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*If you’ve never played with food-grade color gels, I highly recommend giving them a try.  They are way, way better than iodine based colorant.

This week’s geek craft is something for that friend of yours who really, really likes skulls: a crocheted skull scarf pattern by Wickedcrochet71.


The pattern is $8 at etsy; and is a cool looking scarf that’s well executed. However, the pattern maker does one of my pet peeves and says, “Items made with this pattern MAY NOT BE SOLD AT ANY TIME.”  If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about people trying to exert their dominance over their customers in that way.  I would recommend not buying the pattern.

So, I’m gonna teach you how to make one for free. You can go ahead and sell these for thousands of dollars each. Feel free not to even credit me with the idea.  In fact, go out there and build your skull scarf empire!

Anyway, first you’ll need a skull motif pattern. I recommend kristinskrazyknits free Day of the Dead Skull Motif pattern.  Those skulls are a little small by themselves, but if you use a bigger hook, chunky yarn (or two stands of worsted) they’ll get plenty big.  You could also add another row of single crochet all around the skull to make it spread out a bit.   Make sure to leave a long tail at the bottom of the jaw.

Now, make a bunch of those skulls.  Once  you’ve got a nice pile of them, join them together by whip-stitching the long tail on the jaw to the top of the skull going below it.  You could also slip-stitch them together, but I don’t think it would look as nice.

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This week’s geek craft is for the sushi geek out there: a crocheted Sushi Scarf pattern by Cap’n Mermaiden.


While I’m not a fan of sushi myself, I know a few people who are. I’m debating whether this should go on my to do list.

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This week’s geek craft is a special entry for TacoMa’am, since it references his favorite episode of Angel: A Smile Time Hoop Embroidery by Whimsical Frippery.


The crafter here did a really good job at capturing muppet Angel in a minimalist style. I know at least one TacoMa’am who would enjoy one of these.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

This week’s geek craft is an amazing recycled Darth Vader Mask by Gabrieljunkart.


This thing is just awesome. Gabe has some other stuff in the etsy shop too, but this is probably my favorite.

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