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Video Games are on the cusp of their fifth revolution. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, the revolution has already started, it’s just taking a bit for it to come to completion.

Since the invent of video games there have been four revolutions. The first was the invent of video games which took games out of the physical world and into the electronic one. The second was the introduction and focus on games as a story-telling device, which changed the way games were made, and the way games were played. The third was the introduction of 3D modeling, which fundamentally changed the way games were created and rendered. The most recent revolution was the online revolution that moved the vast majority of multilayer interactions to the online world.

The next revolution is something entirely different as it’s almost solely taking place on the business end of things. Until somewhat recently, video games were a commodity, much in the way literature, movies, and other goods are/were. As things move more and more away from physical to electronic distribution, those goods are increasingly being converted to services. You purchase a license to utilize the work, but don’t hold any true ownership over it. Ebooks, streaming media, digital movies, digital download video games, etc are all examples of this. You are buying something that has no intrinsic resaleability.
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Busy This Week

Sorry folks, been a tad busy with visitors over a long weekend.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my missed Monday post, and I’ll have my normal Wednesday post on Thursday this week.

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Turkish Coffee

As somebody who really, really enjoys coffee there is one variation that I keep meaning to try: Turkish Coffee.


Turkish coffee is touted as one of the richest, fullest coffee experiences a body is likely to enjoy. The basics of Turkish coffee is that you take extremely fine ground coffee and add it to some cold water in an ibrik (cezve), stir it with sugar, and then bring it to boil 3-4 times over low heat. Once it’s all done boiling, you let it settle so the grounds collect in the bottom, then pour it into small cups called demitasse. You drink your coffee until you start sipping up the coffee sludge at the bottom.

As somebody who has tried almost every variant of coffee he can find (aside from vacuum infused coffee, which I don’t have lab equipment to do), I find this hole in my coffee knowledge somewhat perturbing. I think the next big coffee gift to myself will probably be a Turkish coffee set. After that, maybe I’ll look into one of those $80 vacuum infusion coffee siphons.

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We’ve had Vir, the TacoCat, now for nearly two years.  Now, up until recently, he’s not had a lot to take up his days.  Mostly he’d spend them looking for new and inventive places to sleep.


However, within the last few months things have changed. You see, over the course of the Winter Tron has taken an interest in the poor cat. Previously they existed mostly independent of each other, and aside from the initial interest which led to the toddler tackle, the two didn’t really associate too often. Now, the kitty has become a source of extreme interest for Tron.

To step back a bit, it all seems to have started when Tron picked up on TacoMa’am’s nickname for the cat: “KittyPuss.” Now, he can’t say the whole word, mostly because ts are still being developed, so he settled on “Keypuss” which has since been adopted by TacoMa’am and myself. The issue, from the cat’s point of view, was that once Tron had a name for him, Vir became an object of intense interest. Many, many times throughout the day, Tron has to stop what he’s doing and make sure he knows where the cat is, what the cat’s up to, and, occasionally, bother the cat with hugs or other various affectionate, and potentially damaging attention. It isn’t malevolent, just affection that isn’t tempered with a knowledge that the cat might feel pain or not like being bothered.

It’s gotten to the point where all of Tron’s most complex phrases involve the cat. He can’t say daddy, or dad (in fact, he calls me mom most of the time, which to him means “parent”), but he can say “Where did Keypuss go?” and “Keypuss go up the stairs!” He’s even started putting together multiple sentences… but only when talking about the cat. Vir has inadvertently become a teaching tool for language, much to his chagrin (I said the secret word! Aaaaaaaahhhh!)

Vir doesn’t really help things either. Not only does he flaunt himself in front of Tron, but he also insists on joining everyone upstairs for story time each night. Yup, every night story time is enjoyed by a preschooler, a baby, and a cat. And story time is kicked off each night by Tron letting us know where the cat is in the room.

I’ve candidly let Vir know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, seeing as Vash will likely start crawling sometime in the next two months and has already shown interest in the cat. TacoCat is going to need to start finding some less accessible places to sleep. I’m beginning to think that he looks forward to the quiet evening on the couch as much as TacoMa’am and I do.

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It’s my birthday today.


I’m not sure why, but I’ve been finding in recent years that my birthdays really don’t seem to hold any special significance for me. I remember them being the highlight of my younger years, to the point where I would spend the greater portion of March looking forward to it. Maybe I liked presents more back then, I don’t know.  It may also have had something to do with my birthday always being during spring break, so that may have been positive reinforcement.  It’s not like I dread them like some people seem to, they just haven’t had the spark that they had in my youth.

In any event, these days I see my birthday as really just that day at work where I can convince TacoMa’am to bring us all really good pizza for lunch.

Really, really good pizza.


OK, well now I’m getting excited about pizza.  When’s lunch?

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I have a pen problem.

Let me unpack that: I love pens. Not in a “buying novelty pens at every gas station” kinda way, not quite that obsessed. No, my love is more specific, I love free pens.  I can’t get enough of them.  I will snatch any pen I see at the various free-pen outlets: Hotels, casinos, business conferences, vendor fairs, product promotions, and on and on.  No free pen is safe from my grasping pen greed.

But I don’t really need more pens.  I have an overflowing pen cup on my desk, and about a cord of these pens shoved into our stationary box.  So, on the one hand, I’ve got too many pens, but on the other, I both never really have to look very far for a pen, nor do I really worry about losing a pen or leaving it somewhere.

Why do I mention all this?  No idea, just something to talk about, I guess.

I’m also the same way about match books when visiting casinos.  I don’t like to gamble, but I do like to snag a few hands full of match books.  I may have a problem.

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Stage 1: Complete.

A week or so ago CrappyPictures posted an entry on babies and books.  Honestly, I can’t say that it’s very accur…



Stage 1: Complete.

Jeez, Vash, way to propagate the stereotype.

This is actually the very reason I’ve had to keep a careful eye on all my gaming and woodworking notes. If he’s sitting on my lap and I’m not watching him too closely, he’ll grab any stray piece of paper, crumple it up, and start trying to eat it.  I lost a whole page of mineral density notes for Ur Quan Masters to Vash’s ravenous literary cravings.  Luckily he spit it all out… but wads of saliva soaked game notes aren’t terribly helpful when trying to remember which planets had lots of minerals.

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Super Mario Busters

I you haven’t seen this video, then you owe it to yourself to watch it:

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Last week the Taco clan had a staycation. You know, one of those vacations where you take off work in order to spend some time around the house. In this case we took care of a list of stuff as well as got some relaxing in. Granted, I spent nearly half of the vacation sick with a flu-like bug, but at least I did still get some stuff done.

Among the more important things I accomplished was a prune-out of all my obsolete electronics. I have a small hoarding problem with obsolete equipment that still works and I collect it as if it’s going to be the currency of the post-apocalyptic world. Every decade or so I have to root through my collection and dump a bunch of it, or, in this case, send it off to the recycling plant.

Two-ish hours spent in my basement and I’d pruned out two large boxes of obsolete equipment, as well as a couple organizers filled with old passive components that I’d been planning to use “someday.” Since I’ve been waiting about five years for a someday that isn’t any closer than when I got them, they went off with the rest of the stuff. I also pruned down my cord box so that I can start filling it up again.

We also cleaned several other places in the house and donated several boxes worth of stuff to our local thrift resale store. We didn’t get everything done (on account of getting sick) but we got most of our list tackled, and some relaxation in as well. Now I just have to find some free-time after we’re all done being sick to get down into the craft room and put up the shelves. Once those shelves are up, we should finally be able to get the room into the order needed to actually use it for crafts… instead of just Vir’s bedroom.

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The Tacohut has the plague. Again.

Seems like ever since having kids it’s a plague a month over here. Prior to having kids I got sick maybe every other year, if that. With kids, both TacoMa’am and myself have been sick at least three times each this winter. Seriously, can we be done with the season of illness, it’s overstayed its welcome.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Tron could just sit on the couch and be sick, but, unless he spends a full 24 hour period throwing up every 30 minutes, illness doesn’t really slow him down at all. I wish I had that much plague energy.

Oh, actual non-whiny content, right!


Wait! What’s that over there!


*Slinks away while the audience is distracted by the baby sloth*

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?