Sorry for the weird updates this week.  The holiday threw off my whole week.

Another addition to my continuing list of 80s and 90’s era point and click adventure games is Broken Sword by Revolution Software.


Broken sword is a more serious and deep look at genre, incorporating a much more mysterious and complex plot than most of the other PACA games of the time.  That said, there is still some humor to be had and the game’s aim still includes entertainment rather than an entirely heavy-handed focus on mysterious plot.  Aside from the plot, the game is beautifully drawn with impeccable art direction, the voice acting is solid, and the musical score is well written.  The Broken Sword series was successful for good reason: the games are very good.

Mechanically, there isn’t a lot new to be had.  It’s the same basic toolset you’ll see in most PACA games.  You move around by clicking and you collect items and clues to solve puzzles to progress through the game.  Even though the equation is tried and true, Broken Sword stands out as one of the better entries to the genre.

Recently, the first two Broken Sword games were re-released with updates as an Andoird App (also available on Google Play).  Both are $4 and well worth the investment.  Beyond those two, There are also several sequels of the game beyond that, which include The Sleeping Dragon, which uses a 3D engine and is quite a deviation from the first two games, The Angel of Death which returns to a more classical point and click interface but keeps the 3D rendering, and the planned The Serpents Curse which was a Kickstarter funded project that is a return to the 2D style and is scheduled for release later this year. I highly recommend checking all of these games out if you’re new to the series and a fan of PACA games.  Even the worst of the games is still very good.

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