Since I’m on this point-and-click-adventure kick, I figured it would be remiss of me not to touch on a few of the Sierra games, which pretty much defined the genre.  This week, I think I’ll talk about Space Quest.


Space Quest is a series of 6 games that chronicle the adventures of Roger Wilco, space janitor.  The Space Quest series as a whole features more than a little humor while still delivering solid gameplay.  That said, for the veteran PACA player, there won’t be many surprises here (aside from Space Quest 4, which gave you the ability to lick things, a unique control option across pretty much the entire PACA spectrum).  You venture around the universe and have adventures, collect items, solve puzzles, and save the day.  Pretty standard fare.  The game really comes alive with all the zany humor and ridiculous situations you find yourself in.  It’s hard to resist the urge to spoil these, but I’ll hold myself back for the sake of anyone new to the series.

It’s really hard to give a good, solid review of Space Quest because it does its best to defy one’s ability to describe it without cheapening the experience by spoiling all the madcap events.  Really, Space Quest needs to be played in order to truly understand why it’s such a great series of games.  Luckily, it’s highly available.   There have been two compilation releases (featuring updates to the first game to bring it into line with the latter VGA releases), both of which are still available for purchase.  The earlier remake can be found for about $9, while the newer one (with Windows XP compatibility) runs around $13.

There is also a free remake of the second game available online at Infamous Adventures.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?