Since last week I talked about the great and humorous point-and-click adventure (PACA), The Secret of Monkey Island, I figured that this week I’d hit on another LucasArts PACA: The Dig.

the dig lucasarts

The Dig is a more serious look at PACA games. While the vast majority of those made in the 80s and 90s featured a fair amount of humor, The Dig was more aimed at mystery, exploration, and storytelling. Interestingly, the Dig was inspired by Stephen Spielberg as a potential episode for his Amazing Stories series (something I didn’t learn about the game until about 15 minutes ago).

The premise of the game is that you’re Boston Low, the Commander of a mission to deflect an asteroid from a collision course with Earth in hopes of bringing it into orbit. After successfully completing this mission, you find that the asteroid is seemingly hollow, and decide to investigate. Your team is quickly trapped and then warped to an alien planet. From there, you have to try to get everyone back to Earth.

The Dig, while originally released in late 1995, was a game I didn’t actually play until about 2002, when I borrowed it from somebody I met in the dormitory I lived in. I found it an extremely solid addition to the PACA lineup of games. The art is very good, the soundtrack well thought-out and executed, the plot solid and interesting, and the characters fairly robust (compared to other games of the time, anyway).

Getting your hands on a copy of The Dig is pretty easy these days. LucasArts released an updated version of the game on Steam for $5, which features new content and a few bug fixes. Sadly there is no DRM Free version of the game, so if you want such, you’ll have to start looking for a used CD-rom of the original, which are fairly common and run about $5.

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