This week’s game is that old DOS classic, The Secret of Monkey Island by LucasArts.


The Secret of Monkey Island is a point and click adventure game released in 1990. It follows the story of Guybrush Threepwood as he strives to become a pirate. Like most adventure games of the era, such as Space Quest, Kings Quest, and Myst, it predominantly features puzzle solving and exploration. You have to find items in order to solve various contextual puzzles to progress through the game.

Like many of the Sierra titles of the time (which the Monkey Island unabashedly “apes”) the game features a light-hearted plot with more than a little humor. Unlike a lot of the Sierra titles, it’s impossible to actually die in Secret of Monkey Island. This was a specific design choice by the developer in order to make the game more accessible, and less “cheap.”

Secret of Monkey Island, and indeed the four titles that follow it to comprise the entire series, is a great game even by today’s standards. It’s fun and humorous, the UI is simple yet functional, the music is catchy, and the art (especially in the VGA revamp) is sharp. I highly recommend the whole series, but The Secret of Monkey Island is definitely the place to start. You can snag a digital download of the updated game from various places for about $10, which I think is money well spent. If you’re really into playing the originals, I’ll confirm that the game works flawlessly on DosBox.  So far as getting your hands on a copy of the original DOS release, well, that’s up to you.

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