This week’s game is Organ Trail, by The Men Who Wear Many Hats.


Organ Trail is a zombie re-boot of the old Oregon Trail some of you probably remember from the old Apple 2 days. It’s a very neat game in that it remains very faithful to the original Oregon Trail while still introducing new game-play elements. As such, it’s pretty fun.

Basically you have 5 survivors and a station wagon and you have to make your way from Washington D.C. to Haven in Oregon. Your rout takes your there over a nearly 6000 mile trek which dips down through the Southern reaches of the states.

Along the way you’ll fight zombies and biker gangs. You’ll also do odd-jobs for people in the survivor towns and settlements, trade for necessary parts to keep your wagon rolling, get trained in combat skills to help you scavenge for food and money, get dysentery, upgrade your vehicle, get infected by zombies, stop at graves, and even participate in the odd choose-your-own-adventure style event. There’s actually quite a bit going on in the game, which will definitely capture an Oregon Trail enthusiast for at least a handful of play-throughs. With four difficulty levels, there’s definitely some replay value for those who enjoy challenges for the sake of challenges.  Even without the difficulty levels, Organ Trail is a nice light game that can be picked up at a whim, played for 10 minutes and walked away from without any issue.  The game saves itself after every time interval (roughly 10 seconds real time, depending on what is going on) so even if you have to walk away from it, there’s no worry that your progress will be lost.

The game is also very light on system resources so you could easily load it on a tablet PC, or even an old 386 laptop, and take it with you.  I’m also relatively sure I saw an Android version of Organ Trail on their website.


The game also sports an endless mode where your crew of survivors tries to get as far as possible as fast as possible to rack up points. In this mode you can do special tasks to earn skulls that unlock more play challenges and group load-outs. As all endless modes, the game goes until the last of your survivors die.

Right now (until July 22nd, next Monday) Steam users can pick up a digital copy of the full Director’s Cut of Organ Trail for $2.99. For comparison, a small Starbucks mocha costs $3.20, a matinée movie costs an average of $7, a BigMac value meal at McDonald’s costs an average of $6.64, and a 30 minute laser-tag game costs $8. So, if you can spend more than 20 minutes enjoying Organ trail, you’re basically getting a good value for the investment.

If you want to give it a try, there’s a free flash version of Organ Trail on the website I linked at the beginning of today’s post.  It’s trimmed down and the mini-games are removed, so the gameplay is quite simplified form the full version, but it’s enough to get the idea of the game.

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