Entries taken from the journal of Kadol Sakrithadil (Blazewalls), head mason of the Sky Cave team.

1st Granite, 506,

Spring has found us without much food or drink.  That does not make many of us happy, but work must continue without regard to such things.  The team continues to struggle these demon-blasted mud blocks into place.  They do their jobs well given what material we have.  We are promised stone soon, so hopefully we will not be using mud for long.

Husband Shem says that his shop partner, head carpenter Etur, says that they should take on some apprentices.  Both are extremely skilled at shaping the wood, but are our only carpenters, so I agree with Etur.  Will be nice to have more than just the two carpenters, even if they two do great work.

Hauling baby Stukos around with me has made the work hard, but Stukos seems to enjoy watching the work.  Someday maybe I will teach Stukos how to shape rock.  He will learn little from the mud.

3rd Granite, 506,

The drillers are requesting a mason to build their holding walls again.  Request is granted.  I sent Onul, the least of us.

7th Granite, 506,


I made another statue of jumping spiders today.  I do not know why the stone asks me to carve such gruesome figures from it, but they always seem to emerge.  I suspect that the stone in this place was once near many spiders.  They horrify me with their many legs and tiny fangs, but I must carve as the stone asks me to.

I added the statue to the stockpile.  Perhaps it will go in the mayor’s bedroom with the others.

5th Malachite, 506,

I am told that Scoutbridge reached 200 inhabitants today.   I suppose that nearly a third of them are children.  It seems like we have bairns everywhere these days.  I suspect some of us may have too much freetime at Scoutbridge.  I would not know about that, I have not had freetime since before I came here.

Digging the Sky Cave is more difficult than normal tunneling.  Much care needs to be taken to make sure all the parts go down in the correct order or else things go badly.  In this case one of my masons stranded himself on a wall between two other pieces of wall.  We had to build ramp so he could get down.  More careful planning may be required for the rest of the project.  War leader tells the mayor we will be done with the residence hall by Summer’s end.  I tell the war leader he is an idiot who does not help with the building.

7th Malachite, 506,

A weaver was flattened by the inner most drawbridge today during testing.  I told the crew that they need to tear it down and build it facing the other way so that it flattens things inside the kill zone rather than inside the fort.  A simple mistake that is easily fixed. While we do that, the team is also going to start working on the fortifications around the kill zone.  Goblins do not stay quiet for long.

18th Malachite, 506,


We started a project to bring water up from the depths for use in the Sky Cave.  It splits my work force, but it is necessary.  The Sky Cave will not be done until next spring at the earliest.  The failed cave-in attempt from the first settlers will make the perfect basin for the water project.

23rd Galena, 506,

More work.  We build walls, we build floors, we build walls again.

The human caravan arrived today.  We gave them bins full of our wooden trinkets for cloth, food, and spirits.  Otherwise just about everyone is bored.  Especially the army.

6th Limestone, 506,

Goblin came to take children again today.  It panicked and killed a small child rather than stealing him.  The goblin did not live to regret that decision.  The masons had to help haul all the goblin pieces to the refuse pile.  Bored soldiers are not merciful ones.

19th Limestone, 506,

Another goblin attack this morning.  Three dwarves are dead in the surprise attack, including Ingish Kekimkol, one of our only two architects.   Seven more dismembered goblin corpses now adorn the refuse pile.  We are told to be prepared for an all-out assault from the goblins.  These probing attacks are feints to determine our weaknesses.

Orders have come down for us to change focus from the Sky Cave to finishing the fortifications.  Tun has been removed from the drilling project and is now making traps around the clock while we build more walls to protect the citizens and give our archers the advantage in battle.  Husband Shem has been told to start producing spiked balls for the traps.  All the carpenters are to produce these until there is no more wood.  Etur is ecstatic about making devices to kill goblins.

Scoutbridge readies itself for war.

23rd Timber, 506,

The dwarven caravan arrived late this year, but with many weapons that we traded for.  The liaison tells us we are now a Barony and our mayor is now to be called a Baron.  The new Baron complained that his room needed upgrading.  I informed him that his brain needed upgrading.

I suggested to the war leader that we move the refuse pile into the Baron’s room so that he might admire the goblins.  My suggestion will be taken under consideration.

16th Obsidian, 506,

It has been a long year, but Scoutbridge thrives.

Without stone, or metal, or gems, some of our citizens have become restless.  They experiment with clay.


Our gem cutter decided to see what he could do with clay. He has created one of the ugliest shoes that has ever existed. But at least it is not engraved with jumping spiders.

End of Scoutbridge Year Six