Today’s game is only sort of a game, but still really neat.  Today I bring you Rory’s Story Cubes.


Story cubes are more of an imagination exercise than an actual game. However, the list of activities people have though up for these cubes is pretty hefty. The cubes are aimed more at the younger folk to help bolster imaginative thought processes. Again, not really a game, but still really neat. Their example of super-heroes and villains on the site itself actually opens the doors for use of these cubes (or indeed any kind of randomization generator) as a DM/GM tool. One of the things that I’ve always wrestled with in my games is to create new/fresh villains. With a little imagination and some randomization, one might come up with a very interesting villain indeed.

In fact, using either the stock random flickr generator (before Yahoo screws it up, anyway), or any of the various random generators you can find with Google, you could produce a set of images from which to build just about any character or NPC in a gaming environment.  It’s probably a little too chaotic for generating characters for literature, but I’m sure somebody could make it work.

Something to play with, at least.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?