As somebody who really, really enjoys coffee there is one variation that I keep meaning to try: Turkish Coffee.


Turkish coffee is touted as one of the richest, fullest coffee experiences a body is likely to enjoy. The basics of Turkish coffee is that you take extremely fine ground coffee and add it to some cold water in an ibrik (cezve), stir it with sugar, and then bring it to boil 3-4 times over low heat. Once it’s all done boiling, you let it settle so the grounds collect in the bottom, then pour it into small cups called demitasse. You drink your coffee until you start sipping up the coffee sludge at the bottom.

As somebody who has tried almost every variant of coffee he can find (aside from vacuum infused coffee, which I don’t have lab equipment to do), I find this hole in my coffee knowledge somewhat perturbing. I think the next big coffee gift to myself will probably be a Turkish coffee set. After that, maybe I’ll look into one of those $80 vacuum infusion coffee siphons.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?