We’ve had Vir, the TacoCat, now for nearly two years.  Now, up until recently, he’s not had a lot to take up his days.  Mostly he’d spend them looking for new and inventive places to sleep.


However, within the last few months things have changed. You see, over the course of the Winter Tron has taken an interest in the poor cat. Previously they existed mostly independent of each other, and aside from the initial interest which led to the toddler tackle, the two didn’t really associate too often. Now, the kitty has become a source of extreme interest for Tron.

To step back a bit, it all seems to have started when Tron picked up on TacoMa’am’s nickname for the cat: “KittyPuss.” Now, he can’t say the whole word, mostly because ts are still being developed, so he settled on “Keypuss” which has since been adopted by TacoMa’am and myself. The issue, from the cat’s point of view, was that once Tron had a name for him, Vir became an object of intense interest. Many, many times throughout the day, Tron has to stop what he’s doing and make sure he knows where the cat is, what the cat’s up to, and, occasionally, bother the cat with hugs or other various affectionate, and potentially damaging attention. It isn’t malevolent, just affection that isn’t tempered with a knowledge that the cat might feel pain or not like being bothered.

It’s gotten to the point where all of Tron’s most complex phrases involve the cat. He can’t say daddy, or dad (in fact, he calls me mom most of the time, which to him means “parent”), but he can say “Where did Keypuss go?” and “Keypuss go up the stairs!” He’s even started putting together multiple sentences… but only when talking about the cat. Vir has inadvertently become a teaching tool for language, much to his chagrin (I said the secret word! Aaaaaaaahhhh!)

Vir doesn’t really help things either. Not only does he flaunt himself in front of Tron, but he also insists on joining everyone upstairs for story time each night. Yup, every night story time is enjoyed by a preschooler, a baby, and a cat. And story time is kicked off each night by Tron letting us know where the cat is in the room.

I’ve candidly let Vir know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, seeing as Vash will likely start crawling sometime in the next two months and has already shown interest in the cat. TacoCat is going to need to start finding some less accessible places to sleep. I’m beginning to think that he looks forward to the quiet evening on the couch as much as TacoMa’am and I do.

-Confusion is a state of mind or is it?