Another Indy computer-game that I’ve had the opportunity to play recently is Recettear by EasyGameStation.


Recettear is a game that immediately appealed to me on several levels.  On the surface, the game is a time management game with a simple shop simulator similar to Swords and Potions but without the crafters to manage (or the energy system designed to bottleneck daily progress).  But beyond the time management shop game is a dungeon crawler RPG in a similar style to Azure Dreams and Chocobo Dungeon.  You see, most of the wares for your shop are going to come from dungeons.  This involves hiring, equipping, and leveling up adventurers to spelunk down through randomly generated dungeons for loot.  On top of that is a light-hearted tale of a girl down on her luck and a fairy companion who open up a shop in order to make money to pay off a huge debt.  Indeed the game in general is fairly bright and colorful, keeping to the nature of the plot and characters.  Adding to all that is a simple, yet very catchy sound-track.


The combination of these two seemingly disparate genres is marvelously done. The gameplay is rather simple and straight-forward, yet manages to include plenty of complexity and progression to remain fun and engaging.  The game suggests using a gamepad to play it, and I highly recommend taking the suggestion as using my Xbox360 controller to play the game was infinitely more pleasurable than trying to use the keyboard.  Using a gamepad, the controls are very tight and wonderfully utilitarian, consisting of only 4/5 buttons (only 2 of which are used in any great amount) and the directional analogue.

If you’re interested, I highly recommend checking out the Recettear website.  There is a downloadable demo of the game that will do a much better job of showing you what the game is all about than I ever could.  Recettear is currently available for purchase from Steam, GamersGate, and Impulse.


-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?