It was only a matter of time before I finally did Pac Man by Namco.


Pac Man is one of those early games that is based on a simple concept which is utilized to provide fun and challenging point accumulation.  To boil it down, you control Pac Man, a yellow circle with the munchies.  You move around a 2D board eating pellets while running from the four ghosts that spawn and try to chase you down and kill you.  Your only two defenses is your maneuverability to avoid them, and the four power-pellets on the map that give you the ability to eat the ghosts for a short period of time.  Once you eat the last pellet on the map, you win the round and move on to the next level.  And that’s it.

In all honesty, I’ve never been a huge fan of Pac Man.  It’s certainly iconic as one of the core arcade games of the early 80s, but I find that my tastes always gravitated towards Joust, Tron, Frogger, or Zaxxon, which all came out around the same period as the Pac.   Even so, as an icon of early video games, Pac Man does get my nod as this week’s game.

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