Last week the Taco clan had a staycation. You know, one of those vacations where you take off work in order to spend some time around the house. In this case we took care of a list of stuff as well as got some relaxing in. Granted, I spent nearly half of the vacation sick with a flu-like bug, but at least I did still get some stuff done.

Among the more important things I accomplished was a prune-out of all my obsolete electronics. I have a small hoarding problem with obsolete equipment that still works and I collect it as if it’s going to be the currency of the post-apocalyptic world. Every decade or so I have to root through my collection and dump a bunch of it, or, in this case, send it off to the recycling plant.

Two-ish hours spent in my basement and I’d pruned out two large boxes of obsolete equipment, as well as a couple organizers filled with old passive components that I’d been planning to use “someday.” Since I’ve been waiting about five years for a someday that isn’t any closer than when I got them, they went off with the rest of the stuff. I also pruned down my cord box so that I can start filling it up again.

We also cleaned several other places in the house and donated several boxes worth of stuff to our local thrift resale store. We didn’t get everything done (on account of getting sick) but we got most of our list tackled, and some relaxation in as well. Now I just have to find some free-time after we’re all done being sick to get down into the craft room and put up the shelves. Once those shelves are up, we should finally be able to get the room into the order needed to actually use it for crafts… instead of just Vir’s bedroom.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?