Over the last week TacoMa’am and I treated ourselves to a staycation.  For those uninitiated, a staycation is just time taken off work to stay home and either laze around or get things done (we did both… and then Tron, Vash, and I got sick with a flu/cold thing… fun times).  Anyway, one of the items on our to-do list for the week was to do a little early spring cleaning.  This amounted to cleaning out several areas of the house and recycling/donating a bunch of clutter and junk that we (I) collected.  Along with that, after dumping a load of stuff off at the donation center, we decided to visit the attached thrift store to do a little browsing.  It was a fairly fruitful trip as we nabbed about a dozen books for Tron and Vash, a few puzzles, some neat tumbler glasses, and a board game.  This board game is a childhood favorite that hasn’t changed much over the years: Chutes and Ladders (Snakes and Ladders).


Chutes and ladders is a pretty straight forward game. You roll a 6 sided die (or spin a wheel with six numbers on it in more modern versions) and then advance your token that number of steps. If you land on a space that is also the bottom of a ladder, you advance forward up the board, if you land on a space that’s the top of a slide, you lose progress and go back down the board. Whoever gets to the end of the board first is the winner. It’s basically just a game of random progression where the winner is all up to luck, as many of these early childhood games tend to be.

What’s really interesting is that the game is actually based on one that dates back to ancient India and is suspected as being a teaching tool to instruct children in the ways of Karma and Kama.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?