One thing that I’ve been working on in the crochet world this winter is what I’m calling a “Mail-a-Hug Scarf.” The basic idea behind it is to design a scarf that incorporates bits of amigurumi in order to simulate a hug for a person you can’t hug in person. It’s a project that was born out of a comment by somebody about wanting to email somebody a hug… or something like that.

Anyway, the project has several goals:

1) Simplicity of design: The primary idea behind the scarf is to develop a generalized pattern and method so that a wide variety of people with different skill sets can produce these. In this respect, the general design will be emphasized over any specific pattern (though producing a template pattern is also part of the project).

2) Modularity of design: Making the design separable into component parts is a big part of succeeding in part 1. Specifically, the scarf will consist of three main parts: A base rectangular scarf, two paws, and an amigurumi head. By keeping these separated, it gives more latitude for mixing and matching separate patterns into the general construction.

3) Speed of design: Ideally, it would be nice if one of these scarves could be tossed together in as little as a month, so that a hug can be sent on somewhat short notice.

Basically, the construction will consist of a base rectangular scarf that’s around 5′ long and 5-6″ wide. From there, two paws or hands are designed to attach to either end of the scarf. Finally, an amigurumi or plush head is made to fit in the middle of the scarf. This may be ballasted with a small, external body to add more structure and keep the head from being too floppy.

By keeping the pattern generalized, substitutions can be readily made, such as using knitting or sewing to make the scarf instead of crochet.

So far, my first prototype has rather failed the third metric. I’ve been working on it since mid January and am not even halfway done. Most of the problem is that I picked a stitch that builds up very slowly, so the Mk 2 prototype will likely use an easier and faster building stitch. But, even though it’s kind of a failure, the first prototype looks rather nice.



The scarf is being made with chunky wool roving, which is very soft, really heavy, and quite warm. The whole thing is being crocheted length-wise using front-post half-double crochet, which gives it a look and bulk that I find very pleasing. However, in my next attempt I’m likely going to go with either a front-post double crochet or a front-post treble crochet, which should fill up much faster without significantly affecting the quality and look of the scarf.

I’ll do more updates on this as I get further along with the project.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?