My family has a book club.

Let me unpack that for you. A number of years ago my sister and father were talking about books over a surgery one day, and the discussion, over a course of several surgeries, led to the formation of TacoFamily Book Club. The full details of the conversation are here.

Anyway, after much delay I finally started in on the rather robust list of reading. I knocked out the first two on the list, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Carrol Lewis, in short order. They were both very short and very fast to read. I knocked out A Christmas Carol in one late night sitting up with Vash waiting for him to pass out, and Wonderland was tackled in two nights reading before bed.

Then comes Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe is interesting for several reasons. First, it’s interesting because it was one of the first novels ever written, and that is was written about 300 years ago. Second, it’s interesting because the prose if very archaic and the themes very reflective of the mindset of the times. Third, it’s interesting because there are actually two books, and I think the second book ninja’d my sister and father. You see, originally there was the first book: The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the second, lesser known book The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Since both have been public domain for a few hundred years, many publishers have taken it upon themselves to combine the books into The Complete Adventures of Robinson Crusoe or The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. However, that’s been going on for a while. As it turns out, some publishers have dropped the word “complete” and have actually been marketing both books as just the The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Or even just Robinson Crusoe. Fabulous.

There are also two additional follow-up books beyond this one, which I’m thinking I don’t have to read because they are just essays on morality written as by Robinson Crusoe.

I discovered this last night when I finished the first book. Lyle, TacoDad, and TacoMa’am had all mentioned how boring and crazy his exploits after the island were, mentioning China as being particularly boring. When I reached the end of the book without even a hint of China, I knew something was up. Turns out, I’ve got another book about the same size as the one I’ve just finished yet to read.

*cracks knuckles*

Better get to work on that.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?