Now, nearly a week after Tron started his wonderful weekend-long vomit-fest, the rest of the house is beginning to get sick. And by “the rest of the house” I mean myself and TacoMa’am.

Interestingly, thus far neither of us have joined the hurf brigade. Rather, we’ve both got symptoms more akin to having a cold or mild flu. And really, I’m kinda fine with spending a week congested and coughing instead of spending three days throwing up.

Of course, the illness strikes at a time where I can’t possibly take any time off work to tend to myself or TacoMa’am, so that’s put us both in a great mood.

Not much else to say today other than “I’m sick, so you don’t get much post.”

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

UPDATE: Hurf Brigade is my Spew cover band.