Recently…ish, I had the pleasure of obtaining Rochard by Recoil Games in one of the indie HumbleBundles.


Rochard is probably one of the most solid and enjoyable 2D platformers I’ve had the pleasure to play since the SNES era.  You play John Rochard, a middle-aged and modestly overweight miner.  After finding an ancient temple in the center of an asteroid during a mining survey, Rochard find himself battling against space pirates to find his trapped crew.

The platforming in Rochard is extremely well done.  Jumping action takes place in both normal gravity and in player-controlled low-gravity, allowing a fluidity of movement that really comes alive with the physics engine the game uses.  Rochard’s only weapon is a gravity gun, which is basically just a hand-held tractor beam that can be used to pick up and fling boxes and other things.  By manipulating gravity, and the various boxes and fuses throughout the game, the game provides a significant amount of puzzle solving gameplay as well as a fair amount of action fighting with the space pirates that are generously sprinkled everywhere.

And, for whatever reason, there is just something fundamentally gratifying about hitting a space pirate in the face with a flying crate.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?