Today I’m dragging you all the way back to DOS with Quest for Glory:So You Want to be a Hero by Sierra (first released as Hero’s Quest).


Quest for Glory was one of the many “point-and-click” style adventure games made by Sierra in the 80s and 90s. Quest for glory was one of the original games that existed before the point-and-click methods had been hashed out in the early 90s with Sierras SCI1.1 engine. Thus, a great deal of the game was played via a text entry box to accomplish tasks (such as “quaff health potion” or “pick lock”). This is pretty good evidence that these earlier Sierra games (which include games like Space Quest and Kings Quest) were the evolution of the text-based games such as Zork.

Quest for Glory, and indeed all the sequels that followed, is my favorite of the Sierra adventure games. Unlike the majority of those games, Quest for Glory had many RPG elements as well as combat that added an additional level of depth beyond the puzzle solving that these games consisted of.

In Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero, you play a budding hero in search of an adventure for fame and glory. You can start as one of three very familiar classes: Fighter, Thief, or Mage. Each of these classes determines the rout through the game and the method of solving any number of problems that you’re faced with. There are also a few mini-games available only to certain classes.

The game is rather interesting in that, unlike a lot of games, you don’t start with a goal. Rather, you start with the desire to find a goal, and indeed to find a quest. Throughout the course of the game you do find a quest (and for those who haven’t played I won’t spoil it for you) as well as a cast of wacky and fun characters, some of which will follow you through several of the sequels (Such as Erasmus and Erana). One of the best parts of the game, and the series as a whole, is the humorous aspect of the story telling. While the series certainly has it’s more serious and darker moments, they never overbear on the game’s lighter side. There are more than a few jokes, and even the odd jab at the hero himself.

Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero was remade in 1992 using the updated Sierra SCI1.1 point-and-click exploration engine. The graphics were also significantly updated.


As nice as the graphical and UI update was, honestly I’ve always preferred the original version with the text input. You can still get used copies of the series collection CD-Rom from various sources, but it’s becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Indeed, the Quest for Glory series is flirting with becoming true abandoned-ware, which is a shame because they represent some of the finest games produced by Sierra in the 80s and 90s.

Luckily, that’s where GOG comes in! You can download all 5 games from them for $5, which is a fantastic price. There’s also an official remake of QFG2 over at AGDInteractive which is well worth getting to bring the entire series up to the SCI1.1 engine.

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