One of the games favored by TacoMa’am (and one that I’ve, shamefully, never played) is Bocce.

A snazzy Bocce Set produced by Halex.  Sold by, whom I've "borrowed" this image from.

A snazzy Bocce Set produced by Halex. Sold by, whom I’ve “borrowed” this image from.

Bocce is very similar to lawn bowling, with the only large difference being that a true Bocce set has no bias weight where lawn bowling balls are weighted to make it more difficult to roll them straight. The game can only be played with two teams (of either 1 player each or up to 4). First, the Jack (a small, white ball) is thrown by one of the players down field. This will be the target for the Bocce round. From there the bowling starts. One of the players bowls a ball trying to get it as close to the jack as possible. Then the next team bowls. Once both teams have 1 ball in play, then everyone takes turns bowling based on who currently has the furthest ball from the jack, moving to the next nearest when somebody runs out of balls (based on how many are playing determines how many balls each person gets).

Once all the balls have been bowled, scoring begins. The team has the furthest “close” ball to the jack scores no points and the other team scores 1 point for every ball that’s closer than the opposing team’s closest ball. Then the next round starts. Games are typically played to around 10 points.

At the TacoHut, we actually have two sets of Bocce balls, neither of which I’ve actually utilized to play a game. Hopefully I’ll get ample opportunity to play as the kids get older and more into outdoor games.

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