Survival bracelets have always been a bit of a sticking point with me. They’re neat, for sure, but the idea that they would really be extremely useful in an actual survival situation seems dubious to me. Most bracelets use around 10 feet of cordage to make, which is not really a lot when you find yourself in desperate need of cord. Honestly, my paracord water bottle holders, which use 100′ of cord, seem like they would be a better companion in a situation where you suddenly and desperately need cordage.

Either way, though, survival bracelets are neat despite their dubious utility.

Last Thursday my parents visited for an extended weekend (the primary reason I missed a lot of posts since last Wednesday) and my father brought a bunch of paracord knotting supplies with him. This included a few buckles and 100 feet of some nice camouflage paracord he found at a sporting goods store. So, on a few of the evenings after we were done with our daily project (something I’ll share next week after I get it finished up this weekend), we experimented a bit with the survival bracelets. Granted, my father was the only one of us who got all the way through making one, and I didn’t think to take a picture of it.

The on he put together was a two-color Solomon Bar bracelet using emerald green and his camouflage.

On my end of things, I played around with a Genoese zipper sinnet bracelet that turned out rather nice. Unfortunately, I used way too much cord in my attempt, so I unraveled the thing instead of completing the bracelet. I plan to go back and re-do it with a more appropriate amount of cordage. Since I’m making it for TacoMa’am, she’s understandably anxious for me to get cracking.

Once I actually get one completed, I’ll take pictures and throw them on the blog for you all.

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