Do you remember jacks (knucklebones)?  I certainly do.  Jacks is one of those simple games of coordination that were so much fun as a kid.  The cool thing about Jacks is that the game is also very, very old.

The play of jacks is pretty simple, a load of jacks is thrown out on a flat surface. A player tosses a ball lightly in the air and a player must pick up a number of jacks according to the sequence and catch the ball before the second bounce. Each player picks up an ever increasing number of jacks, starting with 1 jack, then 2, then 3. The game is won when a player gathers a number of jacks that no other player can top (for instance, nabbing 11 jacks and nobody can do 12). That’s pretty much it. There are any number of alternative rules (as are the case with all games this old), but most share the basic rule-set of tossing a ball and grabbing jacks/knucklebones/whathaveyou.

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