This week’s game is the first in the illustrious Dragon Quest series: Dragon Warrior (Or Dragon Quest for those who prefer the real name).


People often talk about games that require a lot of XP/Money grinding.  Wow, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy 4, etc.  None of those can hold a candle to the grinding mastery that is Dragon Warrior.  This game IS grinding.  The basic premise of the game is that there’s a kidnapped princess, an evil dragonlord, and you’re the chosen-one foretold of in a prophecy.  Pretty standard.  So, once you get that little back-story out of the way, and talk to all the people in the two starting towns, the grinding begins.  And. Never. Stops.

Seriously.  You start out by grinding slimes for a level or two until you can survive long enough to kill ghosts.  You kill ghosts, drakees, and the odd magician until you can afford better equipment so that you can kill magidrakee and scorpions.  Once you upgrade your equipment again and level up a few more times, then you’re ready to start killing skeletons.  A few more levels and another equipment upgrade (at this point you’re about 20 hours into the game) and then you’re finally ready for the FIRST dungeon (not counting the actual first one that just has a stone tablet that tells you you’re the chosen one but is otherwise completely empty).

I’ve been revisiting Dragon Warrior recently during my daily trip to the basement with my son.  I had, a long time ago, beaten Dragon Warrior across a 5 day rental.  I must have been a machine during those days because I had since forgotten exactly how much grinding is involved in getting through this game.  Not to say it isn’t enjoyable, but jeez, talk about excitement through extreme repetition!

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?