Recently, due to Humble Bundle 6 which I posted last week, I had the opportunity to play Dustforce by Hitbox Team.

Dustforce is an interesting mixture of ninja platforming and… cleaning.  It completely passes up any semblance of plot to focus on unadulterated game, which makes it very old-school in that respect.  There are tons of levels all of which score you on speed, maintaining your cleaning combo, and the percentage of the level you managed to clean.  Higher scores on cleaning percentage and combo provide keys that open up more challenging levels.  Dustforce also comes packed with a rather robust and user-friendly level editor for those who like playing in the sandbox.

Frankly, Dustforce is a really fun game, more fun than I was expecting from a game where you play ninja janitors.  The wide variety of levels keep the game interesting and continually provides more challenge as you progress.  The key system is neat and gives you some unlockables to aim for and incentive to go back and replay levels to get better scores.  And once you’re done with all that?  Well, there are a plethora of player-designed maps on the Dustforce website that you can download and play.  There’s a rating system in place to help you decide which ones are worth the hard drive space.

The controls are sharp and will feel very familiar to anyone who has spent time playing  platform games of the NES and SNES era.  Though if you do play Dustforce, I highly recommend a USB controller.  To me, the keyboard doesn’t feel responsive enough to really get into the platforming of the game.  If you really wanna go retro, you could even play the game with one of the new USB SNES controllers.

Or, if you’re like me and actually have some official SNES controllers, you could just buy yourself a nice USB adapter and use the real thing.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?