I took Vir to the vet for his annual visit and it went pretty much like I expected.

First, they told me he was kinda tubby but not terrible.  I pretty much knew that, but it was nice to hear that we’re feeding him the correct amount and he may just be settling in at the weight he’s just gonna be.  If he doesn’t gain any weight over the next year, then it’s likely he’ll just be a chubby cat no matter how much we feed him.  Otherwise he seems to be healthy, so  he’s good to go another year before he has to go back to the vet.  Of course next year he’ll need a dental visit, so that’ll be a fun trip for him.

The other part that I expected was that Vir peed all over himself on the car-ride home.  He’s never been terribly fond of changes or being toted around in the carrier, so it was no great surprise when he unleashed his bladder all over himself.  This, of course, made things worse for him.  Not only did he get the terrifying experience of going to the vet, but in the same day he also had to have a bath.  He was real excited about that.

After the bath, which amazingly went rather well (no blood drawn from the owners), he sulked in the basement for a few hours.  After that he got lonely and ended up coming up stairs looking for attention.  That’s the nice thing about Vir, his social nature does not allow him to hold a grudge for more than a couple of hours.  He tries so hard to hold a grudge, but after an hour or two of glaring up the stair from under the futon in the basement, he always gets lonely/bored and has to come join everyone on the main floor.

And then he started trying to steal the cherry tomatoes out of the bowl so he could chase them around on the floor.  He was totally scarred for life by his ordeals.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?