This week’s geek craft is an Etsy item: A Zelda Key Hanger by April Stanfil.

This is a really neat idea, and while you could buy one from April for $15, you could also quite easily make your own too. While I don’t wish to take business away from April by telling people how to make their own, the product in question is making profit off copyrighted material, which is somewhat of a dubious business practice.

All you really need to do to make one of these is print the scene on a piece of high quality fiber card or cloth paper (or go to Kinkos and see what they can do for you) and then glue it to a piece of wood with a beveled edge that’s painted black. You can make your own piece of wood with a beveled edge if you have a saw and a router (or if you have a friend who’ll turn some shop scrap into From there you just brush semi-gloss shellac of some kind over the whole piece to protect the printed paper and give it some texture and shine.

From there just drill a pilot hole and screw in your hook. You could even add a few more hooks if you’ve got more than one set of keys.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?