With Tron Mk2 on the way in just two months, we’re starting to get ready to gear up and start working on our food stash.

When Tron was born we did one thing that was a really good idea, but we didn’t really do it enough.  That thing was to prepare a bunch of food before his arrival and freeze it in the deep freezer.  We’re not so big into pre-prepared foods one buys at the store (aside from the occasional frozen pizza or frozen burrito) so we ended up making a fair amount of stuff ourselves.  It turned out to be a great idea since for a few weeks we didn’t have to worry about cooking, which was handy since we had a new baby and no clue what to do with it.  However, that food ran out quickly, more quickly than we’d have liked.  So this time, we’re going to war!  Kitchen war!

We figure that we’re going to try to prepare 2 months worth of food.  8 weeks.  60 days.  That’s a big order and will mostly be for dinners (lunches tend to be sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit).  All told we’ll need to get 120 adult portions put together and 60 toddler portions.  We’ll be buying ingredients by the 20 pound bag for this one.  To help us is our handy-dandy vacuum food sealer, some gumption, and a toddler.  What could go wrong?

Last night we began discussing what we could make that would freeze easily, reheat easily, and preferably fill out multiple meals from just one batch.  We came up with quite a few items:

Pizza-Bread Rolls
Spaghetti Sauce

Man, look at that huge list!  Seriously though, we need ideas.  That’s where you, my 5 readers, come in.   Do you have a favorite cook-ahead meal?  Tell me about it in the comments!

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?