One of the things that I, and my family, have always been cursed with is my Busy Hands Syndrome. For whatever reason I always feel compelled to use my hands to do something. If I see something interesting, I want to touch it, if I’m waiting for something (like a bus, doctor, or waiter) I invariably find something for my hands to do, be it constructive or not. It annoys my family to no end (both my parents and sibling, and my wife) that I can’t seem to “keep my hands to myself.” Even since I was very young my hands were always busy. If I could touch something or pick it up, I would.

This busy hands syndrome has led to a few things that have shaped my life. Most predominantly is my love of gaming and video games. Gaming in general is a pretty tactile experience. Video games are all about the hand-eye coordination, so it’s little wonder that I picked up a hobby that keeps my hands busy for prolonged periods of time.

It’s also why I do so many crafts. Crafts typically require a lot of hand work, so like video games, it’s something to keep my hands busy. Typically I pick the crafts that do indeed require learning and refining hand motions. Basket weaving, crochet, and origami are prefect examples of the crafts I enjoy that require a fair amount of manual dexterity and learned hand motion. I enjoy building things, and building things requires a lot of hand-work. As a child I used to love getting broken machines so I could take them apart. Disassembling a machine was a perfect mix for me since I’ve always been fairly machine/engineering minded, and it gave my hands something to do.

My busy hands are also why I don’t really watch TV and rarely sit down to watch a movie. And while I love going to concerts and shows and stuff, I only rarely look at the show listings for my area to see what is going on. These things don’t give me anything to do with my hands. It’s all sitting and watching. It’s also why I don’t enjoy watching sports but love playing them. I like watching shows and stuff, but at home I rarely just sit and watch something. Rather I’ll play a video game, tinker on something, or work on a craft while I watch because it gives my hands something to do.

Anyway, I told you all that because it’s becoming readily apparent that Tron has inherited Busy Hands Syndrome from me. That boy cannot NOT touch things. If it exists, he wants to touch it, pick it up, and mess with it. I’m finally getting a taste of what my parents went through with me. And my wife now has two of us that can’t keep our hands under control. Poor woman.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?