I couldn’t think of anything to post today, so instead I’m stealing somebody else’s post! Well, I’m linking it anyway:

Ghostcat’s homemade laundry detergent tutorial.

Ghostcat is an efriend I met over at YouSuckatCraigslist and is currently part of the Library of the Damned crew. She’s a very crafty soul and has a lot of her projects up on her blog, so check it out while you’re over there.

Her laundry detergent guide is very good and TacoMa’am has attempted to make it twice; once successfully so far. The first time was a disaster because we used hotel soap, but the second time worked great! We used regular Dial the second time. Since Ghostcat recently had an fiasco of her own using hotel soap to try to make detergent, we’ve been cautioning people away from hotel soap. There’s a foaming additive in hotel soap that makes it lather up easier (probably required because hotel water is notoriously the hardest a person is likely to find). When you combine this additive with laundry soda, it foams up like adding vinegar to a box of baking soda. Normal soap (like Dial) doesn’t have this additive, so there is very little foaming action.

Doing a full batch of laundry detergent using Ghostie’s guide produces enough for about a year’s worth of laundry at the TacoHut and costs about $7. A pretty good deal, I think. And, it cleans just as well as any detergent we’ve purchased from the store.

Now if only I could convince her to share her soap recipes.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?