So, the “Network Issues” last week were actually me going on a business trip.  For reasons of paranoia, as I’ve mentioned before, I rarely let the internet know when I’m away from home.

In this case I went to training on the PACS system that I’ll be taking over.  The “network issues” in this case were related to the hotel I stayed at. This time I was staying at an up-scale Hyatt hotel where nothing was really included with the room.  Not even Wi-Fi.  So, I could either pay $10 a day for Wi-Fi or find ways around it.  Since I’m a cheapskate, I found ways around.  Specifically I hung out at Starbucks and leeched their Wi-Fi while sipping on a coffee.  I figured if I’m gonna pay for Wi-Fi anyway, it may as well come with a cup of coffee, right?

Anyway, being such a public place I didn’t really want to work on the blog with the potential that some busy-body would think it cool to look over my shoulder and read as I put a blog post together.  I have issues.

Anyway, I’m home now so expect things to return to abnormal around here for a while.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?