This post isn’t going to be what you think.

Last night a friend of ours came down to visit and spend the night for an appointment he had in the morning. Since he’s a fan of board games, and so are we, TacoMa’am and myself took the opportunity to have a small 3-person game night. We got to play two games, one of which I’d been itching to play for a while, the other of which I’d never actually heard of.

First up was the one I’d never heard of: Castle Ravenloft. It’s based on D&D, which I’m intimately familiar with, but has some changes. The dungeon is generated randomly as you explore it, your characters are pre-generated, and a lot of the more complex rules of D&D are dropped to keep the game playable in an hour or two. It was rather fun and I may consider picking a copy of it up for our collection.

The other was Small World, a game TacoMa’am and I had previously played with my sister, her husband, and a pair of their friends. I really enjoy this game. The basic premise is that you’re one of the races of a very small world and have to compete for living space. There’s a good summary and play example of the game done by Will Wheaton in his Tabletop series.

Also, TacoMa’am’s laptop died early this week. We’d been considering replacing it, but TacoMa’am had been considering getting a tablet instead and was taking her time to do research and evaluate exactly what she wanted. Well, the laptop overheating and frying its GPU sorta forced the issue, so a new laptop should be arriving today. And… well the deal on the laptop was so good and the price very reasonable so I bought myself one too. I don’t typically like laptops much, but I’ve got several business trips coming up and I’m sick of using our old “craptop” on these trips. The craptop in question is a 10-year-old Gateway that my wife got in college. That’s pretty much both of our computer upgrades for the next few years, so I hope the laptop is as good as the reviews claim.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?