I’ve had a Blue Nintendo DS for about as long as I’ve been in a relationship with TacoMa’am.  That is to say, about 8 years now.  It’s had a good, long run, but it’s starting to have an issue with charging the battery.  Likely the battery or the charging circuit is toast, which isn’t a huge issue except that it’s an 8 year old piece of hardward now, and the batteries are hard to find.

Well, no, batteries are easy to find, actually.  Finding a battery that will hold a charge as long as the original battery is hard.   Most of the batteries I’ve looked at thus far are sporting a play-life of about half of what the original battery was able to do.  So I have to decide whether or not I’d like to replace the battery with one of these knock-offs or just put the DS out to pasture and find myself a shiny new hand-held device.  The 3DS has some nice games, but the mixed reviews about its performance rather detracts from my enthusiasm to get one.  Similarly, the Vita looks nifty, but I don’t think I care for that weird touch panel.  I could get a snazzy phone and just play games on that, but phones of that caliber typically require an extremely expensive monthly plan, and frankly I think it would be more cost effective to buy a hand-held system and keep my current cheap phone plan.

I know, First-World problem, right?

Maybe I’ll just buy the damn battery, fix the thing, and just live with shorter play times.  This DS has been my single, solid portable gaming system for 8 years now, so maybe it’ll go another 5.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?