A few days ago I watched a one of Will Wheaton’s Table-Top episodes where one of the games played was Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games.


Zombie Dice is quick and easy to play, uses a bare minimum of tactics, and is largely based on luck.  That makes it a nice fast and dumb game to play when you’re not in the mood to do a lot of thinking and strategizing (like at the end of a long weekend of playing Pen and Paper).  You have a large cup full of dice, each of which has sides that indicate either a brain, footsteps to indicate a runner, or a gunshot blast.  On your turn you shake up the cup and grab 3 dice from it without looking.  You roll the dice, brains are set aside into a brain pool, shots are counted against you, and runners are left in play.  After each roll you have a choice to make: you can either bank the brains in your pool, which are then set aside and kept as points, or roll again.  If you roll again, you take the runners from the last roll and draw more dice from the cup until you have 3 dice again and roll as before.  You continue this way until either you bank your collected brains, or you get 3 shots.  If you get 3 shots, you lose your brain pool and your turn ends.

The only tactics in the game comes from the different colors of dice.  The color of the die indicates the chance of getting shot by that die.  Green dice have only 1 shot on them, yellow have 2 shots, and red have 3.  So, if you’re sitting with one shot, 5 brain pool, and two red runners and trying to decide what to do next, you’re probably going to want to bank the brains rather than risk another roll.  On the other hand, if those runners were green, you might think to risk it.  Pretty easy and shallow tactics, but it does add a little depth to play beyond just rolling for brains.

The game continues until one player gets 13 brains.  Pretty simple.  You can pick the game up and play it from start to finish in less than 15 minutes if nobody in the group is dawdling.  A great game to pull out after the big gaming session, or between games when people need bathroom and food breaks but some of you want to keep playing.

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