I finally got to a point in Disgaea 3 where I felt I’d played it enough, and by that I mean I’d put a ton of hours into it and I really need to move on before I spend another month min/maxing all my party.

The Disgaea franchise is like JRPG cocaine for me.  There’s just so much to do in the game for a person who loves to tweak stats and gain levels (D&D much?).  Not only can you level your characters (up to level 9999), but you can also level your items.  There is a land of darkness/x-dimension which takes all the stages in the game and makes them harder and require more puzzle solving.  When you’re done with all those, there’s the Land of Carnage, which is the game’s hard mode.  All the enemies are 20x as strong, and it’s the only place where you can get all of the legendary items.  And that’s not counting the actual storyline of the game, and the epilogue chapters.

There’s just so much to do and so much to tweak that I hardly know what to do with myself.  Well, finally after almost 2 months of playing Disgaea 3, I reached a point where I’d done enough of the stuff to feel satisfied that I’ve had the full experience.  I’ve got full team of level 9999 characters.  One of them decked out in max leveled gear.  I’ve got a few of the legendary weapons, beat the ultimate boss a few times, unlocked a vast majority of the secret characters, got all 8 endings, did the epilogue chapter, finished the x-dimension, did some stuff in the Land of Carnage, did a bunch of character class boosting, stored about 100,000 levels on my main character, max leveled a set of equipment for my main character, unlocked most of the tier 6 generic classes and a few tier 6 monster classes, got my full set of leveling trainers so I can take a character from level 1 to level 9999 in just 3 battles, learned all the weapon skills, watched all the special attacks, and took down all but the two strongest pirate groups.

It’s time to move on.  I could spend another month maxing stats on my characters, unlocking more classes, getting all the legendary weapons and max leveling them, and collecting all the challenge trophies in the land of carnage, but I’ve got a stack of video games that is 9 games tall that I need to tackle, so I’m shelving D3.

*Looks at his copy of Disgaea 4*

Well, if I can make my goal of 5 or less unplayed games by 2013, I guess I’ll let myself play that one.  Next on the list: Assassin’s Creed, because I really am that far behind the times.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?