Sorry for being scarce around here for the past week.  My family and I took a vacation to California to visit my Grandmother for her 80th birthday and I found myself without any time to make posts on the blog during said vacation.  We got back yesterday after taking a red-eye flight and we all spent the day sleeping and recovering.  Because of all this I’m bumping Monday’s game to Thursday this week.

Part of the reason for so extensive a recovery time is that one of the days we were there was spent at Disney Land.  It was Tron’s first trip there, so we spent 15 hours at the park.  He crashed pretty hard at the end of the day, but we all had a ton of fun.  The other part of the exhaustion is that I spent Sunday sick as a dog from either dehydration or overexertion (or possibly one of those 24-hour flus that happen from time to time).  With all that fun, I just didn’t get any time to do most posting, for which I’m sorry.  Normal posts should resume tomorrow.

I would have warned everyone ahead of time that I was going on this trip, but my policy is to not give information out on the internet that could potentially allow a thief to know when I’m going to be away from my house for a prolonged period.

I’ll also have some pictures of our trip up eventually, as well as a bunch of other pictures I keep meaning to put on the blog.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?