My father taught me a lot of things growing up, mostly against my will at the time because I was a young idiot who didn’t realize that someday I’d really wish I’d been paying more attention.  So it goes.

Anyway, one of the handiest things he taught me is a knot called the Trucker’s Hitch.  It’s an invaluable knot for anytime you want to tie something down and I use it pretty much every time I need to load long boards of wood into my tiny car (I tie down the wood and then tie down the trunk cause it’s all hanging out).

The trucker’s hitch is a good way to cinch something down when all you have is cord.  By utilizing a theoretical 3:1 mechanical advantage (in practice friction makes the advantage closer to 2:1) you can put more strain on the rope, thus applying greater holding force to whatever you’re tying down.

I was going to post my own instruction on how to tie this knot, but after looking around online I found that such an effort would be redundant.  So instead here’s a link!

Animated Knots’ Trucker’s Hitch

The big drawback of the trucker’s hitch is that it requires two tie-down points to work; and in a case where you don’t have any tie-downs, it’s of limited use.  That’s where my father’s variation comes into play.

Unfortunately I can’t find this variation anywhere. That makes the argument that I should make my own tutorial on how to do this variation because, from what the internet is telling me, it must not be all that common.  It’s really difficult to describe how it works and I can’t find any videos of this particular variation in action, but the basic idea is that instead of a fixed tie-down point, you put a loop at the end of the rope that normally would be tied off.  This loop can be used as your tie spot for the trucker’s hitch.  This gives the knot the benefit of being able to be tied around something rather than having two tie-down points.  If there is any interest, I’ll see about making a video or picture tutorial of this variation.

But then, maybe there isn’t much call for knot tying tutorials on a blog that’s supposed to be about geeking out.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?