This week’s geek craft is a knitted Fibonacci Scarf by Deborah Cooke.

This scarf if really neat in that it very simply captures the Fibonacci sequence in an attractive way.  Sometimes mathematical crafts can be a little gaudy because the use of complex functions can lead to rather busy looking patterns.  This scarf, on the other hand, is a more minimalistic approach.  The other neat thing about the scarf is that the Fibonacci sequence goes in both directions, red from either end in, and the black from the middle outward.   The effect is both geeky and aesthetically pleasing. Very nice.

And while the pattern on Deborah’s blog is for knitting, it would be very easy to alter this pattern for crochet.  Just use the Fibonacci sequence to determine how many rows of each color to do.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?