It’s that time of year again!  The time of year where the TacoHut spends time as the brief home of the cold virus.

This year, TacoMa’am is laid up as the first victim. Though, at this point, I’m certain that Tron will be coming down with it in a few days, seeing as he snagged one of TacoMa’am’s used tissues and chewed it up.


I’m trying to put up a defensive line of positive thinking and hot chili extract, but only time will tell me how effective that tactic will be (probably not at all).  On the plus side, it’s given me plenty of excuses to start spooning out my homemade sambal oelek into my various foods.  That stuff is way more potent than the stuff you get at the store; 1/4 tsp turns a bowl of soup into a medium heat delight, and a full teaspoon turns it into an inferno-in-a-bowl.

Anyway, please fax all good thoughts, chicken soup, and vitamin C to my website, we could sure use it!

Also, sorry for missing the last several weekends of posting.  With the nicer weather finally starting to show up, the Taco family has been busier on the weekends with all the things one does during nice weather.

Last weekend we took Tron to his first Zoo visit.  It went pretty well and TacoMa’am took some pictures.  I’ll try to toss a couple up this coming weekend.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?