This week’s attempt at folding in two low-fat/vegetarian meals into our weekly menu was a big success.  On Wednesday I prepared the low-fat Dal Makhani that I’d mentioned earlier in the week.  It turned out awesome, even with a lack of the pressure cooker and the extra butter that’s normally in Makhani.  It wasn’t exactly the same as other Dal Makhani that I’ve had, but it was close enough that we enjoyed it a lot.  It was also extremely filling.  1 1/2 cups of the Makhani was enough to fill me up and keep me full.  I did a quadruple sized batch, which amounted to 3 quarts; so plenty of leftovers.  All the leftovers have been great for lunches, which has extended the healthier eating out quite a bit. I definitely plan to make it again; though probably not until after I buy a pressure-cooker.

The second dish this week was an Indian vegetable and lentil soup that TacoMa’am made.  It also turned out really well, though I don’t know the details of what it was called, etc.

Unfortunately, Tron really wasn’t enthusiastic about either meal, so we’ll have to start taking his picky nature into consideration when cooking these dishes from now on.  So it goes.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?