TacoMa’am and I don’t eat as well as we perhaps should.  Though I’ll likely never be one of those people who counts every calorie, carb, and gram of fat, I do think we need to eat a little better on a weekly basis; both for ourselves and to set a good example to Tron.

As such, we’re going to be trying to fold in 2 low-fat vegetarian meals a week for the foreseeable future.   This isn’t a “diet” in the “eat well until you lose some weight” way, but rather an attempt at permanently adding a few days of better eating a week to our lives.

My problem with low-fat vegetarian fare is that, typically, it lacks enough taste to keep me interested.  Part of this is due to fats tasting so good, but most of it is because lean cooking in the US, for some reason, tends to under-utilize spices and end up pretty bland.  However, this lack of seasoning is not present in the low-fat dishes of India, Thailand, and Mexico.  As such, we’ll be drawing heavily on the cuisines of those cultures so that we can both eat healthier, and do so without being bored away from the new diet by the food.  From the handful of vegetarian meals I’ve had from Indian, Thai, and Mexican cuisine, I’ve got some confidence that we’ll be able to find enough tasty meals to keep us interested and honest for a good long while.  Plus, it will get us trying new dishes as we search for vegetarian meals that we enjoy.

This week we’re starting with some Indian fare to get us going.  The first dish up to bat, Low-Fat Dal Makhani.  Dal Makhani is one of my favorite dishes served at the local Indian restaurant, so hopefully a low-fat version of the dish will bring plenty of flavor.  If it turns out really well, I can see it very easily becoming a repeat visitor to our dinner table, and, looking at the preparation, it doesn’t look like it’s terribly hard to make, which is always a bonus.

So, do you have a favorite vegetarian meal that has a lot of flavor with very little fat?  If so, let me know about it in the comments.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?