One of our continuing struggles with Tron is getting him to follow directions/orders.  His inability to do so is a constant frustration for us and stems in part from his stubborn nature, but is due largely because he doesn’t comprehend language very well.  People who said things like “Oh it was way better before my kids could talk” are full of shit.  A toddler who doesn’t comprehend language is a pain to try to moderate and is a significant danger to himself.  If a parent ever says this to you, feel free to tell them that they’re insane.

Yesterday because of this, Tron almost removed himself from the gene pool.  He managed to get away from TacoMa’am in a busy parking lot and started running away from her.  He couldn’t be stopped by just shouting at him to come back because, again, he doesn’t understand what the sounds “Tron come back here!” mean and he generally thinks that us chasing him down is a game.  Luckily he tripped and face-planted into the pavement before he could run out into traffic and get run over.  It left him looking like he got slugged in the face a few times, but it left him alive.  A car would have been less forgiving.

Thus we enter the era of the toddler leash.  Since he can’t be trusted not to run out into traffic if he manages to squirm free of his parental units, he needs to be leashed until his comprehension skills catch up to where they should be.  It’s unfortunate, and he’ll hate it, but it’s the only thing that we can think of that will keep him alive long enough to see his next birthday.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is is?