We finally seem to be making progress on Tron’s speech delay.  His vocabulary in the last six months has increased from 0 words to about 8; most of those happening in the last six weeks.  Weekly visits to his speech therapist as well as exercises at home are, through grueling repetition, finally getting him to a point where he seems to understand that the sounds we’re making are things he can repeat.  He’s understood what a few words mean without being able to say them (like cookie), but it’s only recently that we’ve seen the spark of understanding that he can say these words too, rather than just jabber on in his toddler gibberish.

It’s been a great help that Tron loves people, especially people he doesn’t see every day (read: his parents).  This means his weekly trip to the speech therapist is actually a treat for him.  He loves going both because it means he gets to hang with somebody who isn’t one of the parents he sees all the time, and because they have different toys there than what he has at home.  From TacoMa’am’s description, some of the other kids in speech therapy are quite a bit less than enthusiastic about being there.  If nothing else, his enthusiasm for the therapy has made it a much less frustrating process to get past his speech delay.

Unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go, and his delay in speech is starting to spill over into other areas.  He’s still pretty well on track with motor skills, but trying to teach him complex tasks is nearly impossible since he can’t understand the directions.  Things like brushing his teeth is a daily battle.  Since he doesn’t understand that he needs to brush the with tooth-brush, if you give it to him he just sucks all the paste off of it.  So, we have to do it for him… which he hates.  Brushing his teeth often requires two parents: one to hold him down, and the other to open his mouth and brush the teeth.  Similarly, potty training has gone nowhere.

But, last week he (somewhat spontaneously) learned to say “an-you” whenever he gets a snack from me, so I’ll take that as progress.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?