If you are into video games then odds are good that you’ve heard of Plants Vs. Zombies by PopCap Games.

Plants vs Zombies is one of the best and most well-known entries in the ever growing Defense genre of games. Which makes it all the more surprising that it came from PopCap Games of all places.

The premise of Plants vs Zombies is pretty similar to all defense games: you have to prevent the zombies from crossing the lawn and eating your brains. To defend you from the zombies you have your army of plants. Each plant has a different task or attack that they can do, so by utilizing combinations of plants you can develop more stout defenses. On the other hand, the zombies also have an array of different members that do everything from shamble forward slowly to summoning more zombies to skipping over some of your plants and more.

The thing that, for me, made Plants vs Zombies worth the (at the time) $5 investment was the sheer amount of stuff to do with the full game. First, there is the story mode which consists of 5 levels divided into 10 stages. That’s fun enough, but in addition to that there are also a plethora of other stuff to do. There’s the survival mode, puzzle mode, and the mini-games. You also collect coins in every mode that can be used to buy additional plants and upgrades. There are also seeds that can be collected for your virtual garden, which produces more coins. If you get enough coins you can grow the ancient tree to it’s maximum height (at which point you’ve pretty much “perfected” the game).

Additionally, on your second play-through (and beyond) of story mode the game changes slightly. Instead of getting to pick all your plants, two are randomly selected for you. That can make things significantly more challenging, especially in the later levels.

This game has a lot to offer, and if you’ve never heard of it, go over to PopCap and give the free online version a try. Right now the full version runs for $10 on Steam, but they put it on sale quite a bit. It’s not uncommon to see it for $5 or even less (it’s been as low as $2). I think it is well worth the investment even at full price.

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