Since I did some flash games last week, and because I forgot that I needed a post today due to having the day off, I figured I’d do a few more.  This week we have Burrioto Bison and Burrito Bison’s Revenge.

Ride that gummy!

Both Burrito Bison and it’s sequel are entries in an ever-growing genre of “launch” games. Basically, you launch your bison by timing a mouse click with an energy wheel. This click determines the initial launch power. From there your bison can bounce off of gummy bears, hit special gummy bears that give him quick power-ups, hit gummy bears with items, or use his rocket-powered thong to do a ground pound. There are also police gummy bears that will slow you down significantly and you lose a lot of speed if you hit the ground instead of a gummy. As you squish gummy bears, you get cash. This cash can be used to purchase a wide variety of upgrades, such as more ground pound boosts per launch, faster launches, higher speed, more special gummies appearing, and so on.

For such a simple concept, launch games have always been a favorite of mine; though Burrito Bison is among my favorite (along with Toss the Turtle).

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?