As I threatened promised yesterday, here are a couple pictures of my latest paracord crochet project: a water bottle holder for TacoMa’am.

I used “Camo Blue” paracord that I picked up from Supply Captain and a size L hook. The base was single crocheted (not pictured) and I used the Pike Stitch found in the Crochet Stitch Bible on page 66. The stitch was picked out by TacoMa’am and I think it turned out really, really well. I was dubious at first since the picture of the stitch in the book really does not do this stitch justice.

I really need a macro lens. And some lighting. And a light box.

The stitch is basically just stacked extended single crochets separated by chain stitches. The stitch is a little tricky in that you do you pull up loop through the center of the stitch so that it doesn’t stretch to the right. Kind of hard to explain and I, unfortunately, didn’t take a picture of it.

The holder was finished off with a brown shock-cord cinch and black swivel clip. A future project is to build a shoulder strap for this holder that can be attached to the clip.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it.

Addendum: Just like my last water bottle holder, this one was made with roughly 100 feet of paracord and could be quickly unraveled in an emergency where you needed cordage. The hope being that it would never have to be unraveled, of course.