I’ll have some pictures up tomorrow of my current paracord crochet project, but in the mean time I thought I’d talk about just what it’s like to crochet with Type III commercial grade 550 paracord.

It’s hard.

That’s not to say terribly difficult, though if you do single crochet and pull everything tight it can be a real struggle to pull the “yarn” through, but rather it’s high impact crochet. After an hour of crocheting with paracord my arms hurt from all the force I had to use to get the hook through the loops and to pull a double strand of paracord through that small hole. I was also sore the next morning. Luckily, those difficulties were only associated with the single crochet area of my project that I was doing. Once I got to the other stitch, which was looser, the difficulty lowered to a much more manageable level.

Crocheting with paracord has two other interesting properties. First, because of the braided sheath you’ll notice that the cord slowly sands areas of your hands smooth. My index fingers were very smooth indeed after working the paracord. Second, One of the neater things about paracord crochet is that, because of the size, you can really see your stitches. This is a good and bad thing. It’s bad because some of the more common stitches, like the double crochet, look a bit lackluster when you can see them in detail. On the other hand, some of the decorative stitches look really good when you can see their structure. One such is the Pike stitch, which looks really cool when worked in paracord.

Again, I’ll have some pictures of my paracord project up either tomorrow or Saturday once I get it finished.

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